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Added plushies to the trade world! One of these can be spawned at a time and will follow you by your side around the trade world. These will be tradeable as well. More plushies will come soon!

Plushies are a collector's item in the Trade Realm and provide special mutation-like stat boosts or additions to creatures in the live game. Plushies, following the removal of Mutations are meant to act in place of mutations, with a wider range of effect boosts but (generally) less power (with 1 mutation being roughly equivalent to 2 plushies).

Obtaining Plushies

Common plushies are plushies that are available year-round to players and are available in the main Trade Realm area as physical gacha machines that players must walk up to and click to purchase a roll with Shoom Shooms from that gacha for a chance to obtain one of the plushies inside.

Event plushies are plushies that are only available during special, limited-time event periods. For example, the Halloween Plushies were only available while the Halloween Event update was live for a few weeks in the special Halloween Store's Plushie section that sold the plushies for fixed prices using the event Wisp Wisp currency.

Equipping & Trading Plushies

Players can check whether they have a plushie by viewing the plushie menu in the Trade Realm or by checking the plushie inventory in the live game, both of which are indicated by the a paw icon.

To equip plushies in the Trade Realm, players must go to the plushie menu, click a plushie, and click select. To equip another, players must switch sides, and mimic the process of equipping the first.

To equip a plushie in the main game, players must first select an existing stored creature from the live creatures or create a new one, play the game, and go back to the menu. Once selected, players will see a paw icon under the selected creature's stat list. By clicking on it, players can drag a desired plushie into one of two slots to apply it to the creature. Players can revisit the menu at any time to add or remove plushies. If a creature dies with a plushie still equipped, the plushie will simply return to the plushie inventory.

Stored creatures with plushies still equipped will remain attached to that stored creature even while trading. This is often overlooked and plushies may be lost, so players are encouraged to always keep track of their plushies any time they are trading stored creatures.

Stat Boosts

Plushie boosts apply after all other stat modifications for that stat are applied (such as Mutations, Elder status, status effects, and seasonal effects). The only exception to this is the heal rate.

When boosts are calculated, the two Plushies are multiplied together instead of added if they affect the same stat. This means that having two health boosts (+2.5%) would be calculated as health × 1.025 × 1.025, which, assuming a creature has 100 health, results in a grand total maximum health of 105.0625.

For thirst and hunger, the time between each tick (from which food or water will decrease) is increased by a factor defined by the plushie, for instance, +5% thirst would mean it takes 5% longer for your thirst to go down by one point. Similarly to other stats, this time modification applies after all other effects that may modify the value. In the case of hunger, this means that things like seasonal buffs/nerfs apply first, and then the plushie uses that time value to calculate the true final value that the game uses.

Similarly, for health regeneration, the time it takes for each health tick is reduced by a factor defined by the plushie. Note that this factor is inverted (1 ÷ factor) due to how the time comparison works. If a plushie has a heal rate boost of 2.5%, then that means the time between healing ticks is multiplied by a factor of 1 ÷ 1.025, which results in the time between health ticks taking ≈97.5% as long.

Bug Plushie Gacha

Bug Plushie Gacha Drops COST: Shoom 100 SHOOMS
Image Name Associated Buff Chance to get
Horned Beetlefly.png
Horned Beetlefly 2.5% Health 43%
Magichorn Prongbug.png
Magichorn Prongbug 2.5% Health 31%
Horned Butterfly.png
Oceanwing 2.5% faster Health Regeneration 25%

Plant Plushie Gacha (WIP)

Plant Plushie Gacha Drops COST: Shoom 500 SHOOMS
Image Name Associated Buff Chance to get
Stick None 43%
Succulant / Lilypad 2.5% Speed 31%
Rock plushies.png
Rock 2.5% Stamina Regeneration 25%

Hybrid Plushie Gacha

Hybrid Plushie Gacha Drops COST: Shoom 1500 SHOOMS
Image Name Associated Buff Chance to get
Aerodon 2.5% slower Thirst 71%
Euvatops plushies.png
Euvatops 2.5% slower hunger 21%
Aerix +2.5% faster Growth 7%

Halloween Plushies

Unlike other plushies before this one, the plushies intoduced during the 2021 Halloween Event were bought through the event's dedicated wisp tab, instead of a gacha.

Halloween Plushie Selection
Image Name Associated Buff Price in Wisp Wisps
Ghost plushies.png
Ghost +5% Bleed Defense Wisp 100 Wisps
Cat plushies.png
Cat 1+ Bleed (only works with creatures that already have bleed) Wisp 500 Wisps
Owl Overrides Nightvision to 4/3 Wisp 1000 Wisps
Dragon plushies.png
Dragon Overrides existing breaths with or adds Haunt Breath to any creature (if the creature had a breath, haunt breath is unlocked at 66 age, while non-breath creatures only unlock it once their model grows to adult). The plushie also presents some drawbacks, as explained here. Wisp 5000 Wisps

Winter Event 2021 Plushies

Unlike other plushies (with the exception of the Halloween Plushies before them), the plushies intoduced during the 2021 Winter Event were bought through the event's dedicated bells tab, instead of a gacha.

Winter Event 2021 Plushie Selection
Image Name Associated Buff Price in BellIcon.png Bells
Coal plushies.png
Coal +2.5% Weight (despite its info stating +2.5% Damage) BellIcon.png 200 Bells
Partridge +1% max stamina BellIcon.png 800 Bells
Ice wolf +2.5% damage BellIcon.png 1500 Bells
Frost dragon Ice breath. It has the same drawbacks as dragon plush. BellIcon.png 10000 Bells

Easter Event 2022 Plushies

Unlike other plushies (and like the Winter 2021 and Halloween 2021 Plushies), the plushies intoduced during the 2022 Easter Event were bought through the event's dedicated eggs tab, instead of a gacha.

Easter Event 2022 Plushie Selection
Image Name Associated Buff Price in Egg Eggs
Springram.png Springram +20% egg collection boost for nesting + map collection (20% shoom boost for death rewards) + being able to sniff distinctive objects/tokens* Egg 9000 (originaly 800) Eggs
EggShell.png Egg Shell 2 egg slots automatically set to full initially when nesting in creatures, resets when a new nest is placed** Egg 4500 (originally 500) Eggs
Bunny.png Bunny 1.2x ambush speed to any creature without ambush / 1.3x if the creature already had ambush Egg 900 (originally 250) Eggs
  • * Photovore Exploration tokens are scented as a turquoise line, Galaxy Tokens as a deep sea blue, and Mutation tokens as lime. Special scenting doesn't work underwater. Nesting effect stacks.
  • **Effect does not stack.